Individualized care


Addictions are complex and each client (and addiction) is unique

The staff at Kodiak Recovery understand how complex and confusing addiction can be, both for the individual suffering and to loved ones. We understand there are many different pathways to addiction, and ways to recover, and therefore do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Each client’s life situation is truly unique and addictive behaviors have a “context” that needs to be understood before change can happen. A primary treatment principle at Kodiak is to collaborate with each client to develop an individualized and integrated care plan that aims for long-term recovery in the context of the client’s own values, motivations, and life goals.


Motivation is a process


There are good reasons people don’t “just stop” addictive behaviors

In addition to being overlearned and very entrenched patterns of behavior that take the time to change, people don’t tend to give up old coping strategies until new ones are in place. Addictions and other compulsive behaviors often serve as attempts to cope with adverse environments and mental health difficulties. The Kodiak team understands the motivation for change is enhanced throughout the care process. Most clients begin the change process only after a safe and secure connection has been made with people who care about and deeply understand their unique life situation.




Relationships, connection, and empathy matters

At Kodiak Recovery, we are very intentional about building a community of supportive people around you. You do not have to do this alone. We put an emphasis on the provider-client therapeutic relationship along with the strong healing connections between clients. The client-centered, peer-driven environment at Kodiak, combined with an expert and compassionate treatment team, allows clients to receive the latest evidence-based care in the most supportive environment possible.


Long-term support


Recovery is how YOU define it and based on what YOU value

As much as we would like to, we cannot tell you why recovery will be worth it. This is something you will discover for yourself. But you can be certain that we will be with you through the entire journey, as long as you need us. We believe sustained recovery is a long-term process that requires planning, structure, and accountability. By creating a custom care plan for each client, Kodiak Recovery is committed to meeting you exactly where you are in your current path toward recovery, and then providing support for however long you need it.