Introducing the Co-occurring Addiction and Eating Disorder (CO-AED) Program at Kodiak Recovery, a first of its kind program that gets to the root of problematic entrenched behaviors

The Co-occurring Addiction and Eating Disorder (CO-AED) Program at Kodiak Recovery is a comprehensive integrated care program that offers highly individualized services to clients struggling with addiction, eating disorders and mental health difficulties.

All the care you need, under one roof

All clients in the CO-AED program work with a specialized, multi-disciplinary team with extensive training in treating both substance use disorders and eating disorders concurrently. This means you or your loved one will have one team helping to guide you through the entire recovery process, no matter how long it takes. This is called a recovery-oriented system of care, and at Kodiak, we take this very seriously.

Peer-Driven AND Evidence-based

The “cohort model” at Kodiak emphasizes a safe, cohesive, peer-driven environment that clients can utilize to finally move toward full healing. The blending of evidence-based practice with recovery management principles at Kodiak allows for clients to receive the long-term care they need to move toward the life they want.

Integrated care, customized for your individual needs

While engaged in the CO-AED intensive program at Kodiak, each client has access to fully integrated mental health, clinical nutrition and psychiatric services through The Recovery Clinic, a trauma-responsive, co-occurring mental health clinic within Kodiak that specializes in substance use and eating disorders. The Recovery Clinic at Kodiak focuses on treating the underlying conditions and provides feedback-informed, comprehensive care which guides clients toward their own self-defined recovery goals. We will also help work toward specific goals that will help you not only interrupt the self-destructive cycle you are in, but also help you maintain a full recovery. These goals include: reducing the guilt and shame around your past experiences, improving interpersonal relationships, being able to better manage emotions, moving toward a more meaningful and value-driven life, and creating a recovery management plan.

Unique benefits of this program also include:

  • Flexible scheduling available Monday through Friday in 3 hour “modules” that can be customized to fit the needs of each client
  • Specialized care team including psychologists, dual-licensed therapists, psychiatric provider, alcohol and drug counselors, registered dietitians and care coordinators
  • Client-centered programming that honors the individuality of each person’s own unique journey to recovery
  • Trauma-informed therapy groups co-facilitated by two highly skilled and trained licensed mental health professionals

Finally Stop Playing Whack-a-mole

Our experience working with individuals with addiction and eating disorders has allowed us to pave a new path that steers clients away from multiple, ineffective treatment stays. Clients have often been stuck in a cycle of trying to get care for their mental health, eating disorder or substance use disorder separately, by professionals and facilities set up to treat one or the other specific disorders. We call this the “whack-a-mole” game, and it’s not a fun game to play. In fact, for many clients, it is a devastating process that leads them to believe they are the problem, not the system of care they are in.

Substance use disorders and eating disorders share many commonalities but traditionally have been considered separate medical conditions treated in vastly different ways. There is strong evidence that individuals with co-occurring disorders have a much greater chance for a successful, long-term recovery when both disorders are treated together by professionals who are specially trained to work with both conditions. The same is true for individuals struggling with both addiction and eating disorder. The CO-AED Program at Kodiak has addressed this dilemma and strives to stop the cycle of ineffective treatment.